From"Local Identity"to
"Cultural Diplomacy".

Only artists really
know how to promote
the ancient identity
of a local territory.

"Othismos Gallery highlights
the emotions and sensations of the local artists."

"We collect emotions, not things."

Joseph Caristena launched"Othismos Gallery"
to protect,empower and promote,in the 21st Century,
the local identity around the world.

Othismos Gallery gathers artists together
to generate LIVE human to human interactions with a real audience.
No high tech devices in the middle.
In an emerging artificial intelligence society based on algorithms,
Othismos Gallery suggests a creative world based
on narrations.
The main focus of"Othismos Gallery"is to discover our roots and origins
through a local identity building process.
"The Primary Identity Matrix of all the cultural
focal points (CFPs) of a community"
represents the first step of this discovery"
says Joseph Caristena
The "PIM" is based on a creative process starting from
"Local Identity to a worldwide Cultural Diplomacy".

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Leucippo (silver - grams 7,79)
Metaponto (Lucania)
340-330 a.C.