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About Joseph Caristena

He is a Canadian citizen living in South Italy (Calabria).
He has a long experience (over 20 years) as Project Manager of Cultural Heritage projects.
Expert in "Cultural Economics"
and in the "Digital Transformation" of the Art Ecosystem.

He is a Keynote Speaker at international level in the "Cultural Economics" sector, with many projects and public speeches done in Toronto, Rome, Tirana, Podgorica, Berlin, Pula (Croatia) and other cities.

Joseph Caristena

Euphronios Vase
The Euphronios Krater (or Sarpedon Krater) is an ancient Greek terra cotta calyx-krater, a bowl used for mixing wine with water.
Created around the year 515 BC, it is the only complete example of the surviving 27 vases painted by the renowned Euphronios and is considered one of the finest Greek vase artifacts in existence.