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Othismos Gallery
Nigeria - Africa
Godwin Friday Archibong

Othismos Gallery for Nigeria-Africa
is focused to create greater global awareness of the importance of local identity.
Nigeria is a huge country that is known internationally for its cultural treasures.
to protect, empower and promote, in the 21st Century,
the local identity around the world.
One of the most well known forms of
rock art in Nigeria,are the Ikom Monoliths.
Carved stones in Cross River State in Southern Nigeria, varying in height
from one to two metres, many of the monoliths
are grouped in circles facing each other.
The main focus of "Othismos" is to build the missing
"Primary Identity Matrix"
of all the cultural focal points (CFPs) of a local community.
The "PIM" is based on a creative process starting from
"Local Identity to a worldwide Cultural Diplomacy".

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