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Academy of Mediterranean Cultural Diplomacy
is a tool of
Peace Keeping and Intercultural Dialogue.

The main focus of
"Othismos - Academy of Mediterranean Cultural Diplomacy"
is to protect, empower and promote,
in the 21st Century,
the Mediterranean identity around the world.

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Founder & Director:
Joseph Caristena
Toronto - Canada

Joseph Caristena

One of the key points of Ancient Greek philosophy was the role of reason, inquiry and rational observation of the world.
In a such turbolent age like ours, much more is required (Ekphrases) to understand where and in what this society is going to be.

Our unique multidisciplinary LIVE performance approach not only aims at the highest standards of audience development and engagement, but also to linking theory and practice into full immersive interactive user centric experiences.
Our activities are handled by national and world-renowned authors.

We are fully committed to select unique locations in Calabria considered as the centre of the Mediterranean basin, to generate a new "Mediterranean Cultural Diplomacy" to develop the international community of the 21st century.

We are proud to introduce in all the cultural performances the oldest narration techniques of the world used by the ancient greek thinkers called "Ekphrases" and a technique of 1827 called "Gesamtkunstwerk".

The Academy is based on the ancient oratory technique used over 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece called "Ekphrases". Ekphrases was a verbal representation of the visual world based on aesthetic detailed description, narration and advanced content architecture.

The cultural performance of the authors called "Mind Journeys" (developed by Joseph Caristena) is an updated version of both "Ekphrases" and "Gesamtkunstwerk" techniques.

Our society is shaped by papers at 20% (like costitutions, laws, directives, agreementsat).
The paper based society is shaped at 100% by opinions, discussions, ideas and solutions.
Public debate and dynamic interactive discussions between citizens is extremely important to keep updated the "Acquis communautaire" of a nation.
Acquis communautaire refers to the cumulative body of European Community laws, rules and policies. The acquis is dynamic, constantly developing as the society evolves and changes, and fundamental.

Why narration is important today in our society ?

Our society is ruled by papers at 20% (like costitutions, laws, directives, agreements, etc.).
But our society is constantly shaped at 100% by opinions, discussions, ideas and solutions.
Our society is based on a never-ending democratic process.
Public debate and dynamic interactive discussions between citizens must be part of the the "Acquis communautaire" of a nation.
Our society is changing too fast, swivelling around itself without any kind of legal framework, leaving behind laws and policy not updated and align to reality.
A Citizen Science approach seems to be required to help Governments worldwide find quick answers to many questions.
This is an official call to social change makers, global leaders, decision makers and innovators to get engaged and involved to express their most brilliant solutions to a future already here, but not yet properly focused by most of us.
Freedom of expression is a foundation for many other rights.
Freedom of expression is a human right and forms Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Freedom of expression covers freedom of speech and gives individuals and communities the right to articulate their opinions without fear, censorship or punishment.
A democratic society is based on the people being able to hold informed opinions and express them – both in voting booths and more broadly in their day-to-day lives.
It’s important that people are able to ask tough questions to who is in power.
Freedom of expression is a core value in the democratic process. It ensures people are able to discuss, exchange, and debate ideas. This human right allows individuals and communities to find information which is important to them and share it with others.

Is culture a key factor in the democratic process ?
How can Cultural Diplomacy trigger the acceleration ?
Is it only an economic development process which cause societies to adopt democratic systems of government ?

Gorodnichenko and Roland (2015)

The objective of culture is no longer only to create art or literature.

The 21st century is culture oriented and based.

"Cultural Diplomacy" is increasingly being used as a vehicle to promote liberal democratic values and to foster "democracy and participation", says Joseph Caristena, who launched "Othismos - Academy of Mediterranean Cultural Diplomacy".
Culture diplomacy actions are used to foster democratization participation, development, education, human rights and freedom of expression.
The Lisbon Treaty and the UNESCO convention declares that culture should be the mainstream in many development worldwide programmes.

Othismos is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

Med Sea