From Perception to
"Aesthetic Emotions".

Traditional entertainment media is changing from a model of distribution
to a model of circulation, where the audience itself takes part
in spreading media content through networked communities.

In "Othismos Gallery" experimental LIVE cross-disciplinary narrations
called "Mind Journey" are performed by authors
to strengthen and empower
social intercultural dialogue.
"Othismos Gallery" is shaping a new language
(Ekphrases + Gesamtkunstwerk) based on
insights, highlights, aesthetic emotions and co-thinking for performing
arts, heritage, culture and local identity.
All artists and authors of "Othismos Gallery"
generate "People to People Interactions".
Readings, storytelling and narrations on one side
and active listening on the other side.
Real humans interact with real humans.
No machines or high tech devices in the middle.
"Othismos" is based on the ancient oratory technique
used over 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece
called "Ekphrases"
and the total work of art concept
called "Gesamtkunstwerk".
Ekphrases was a verbal representation of the visual world
based on aesthetic emotional description,
narration and advanced content architecture.

Emotions play a crucial role in the processing of artworks,
and specifically, in the enjoyment associated with them.
New perceptions of emotions are revealed during
an art performance like reading literature, storytelling and narration.
There is a wide spectrum of emotions occurring
in response to the perceived aesthetic appeal
of stimuli determined by a cultural performance.
Through exciting LIVE narrations,
the meaning (of the object or scene)
is decoded, amplified, expanded and revealed,
trasforming the object or scene into a "semioforo".

The LIVE cultural performance of the authors
called "Mind Journeys"
(developed by Joseph Caristena)
is an updated version of "Ekphrases"
and "Gesamtkunstwerk" (total work of art) techniques.

Leucippo (silver - grams 7,79)
Metaponto (Lucania)
340-330 a.C.